When do You Need a Bone Graft?

Bone grafts in Carlsbad are essential for replacing the missing or damaged bone in your jaw. The cavity may reduce the tooth to an empty, a gummy space sometimes created after extraction, or gum disease causing loose teeth. In any of these above cases, a bone graft can repair and rebuild the damaged bone required for supporting a dental implant. Bone loss can also make surrounding teeth loose and eventually fall out without healthy bone regeneration. It can cause future complications. Also, without bone grafting, a dental implant would not have enough mass for securely latching onto.

When Do You Need a Bone Graft?

Once you lose a tooth, 25% of the bone width is reduced within the first five years. If you leave it untreated and don’t replace the missing tooth, you won’t get enough surrounding jawbone for supporting a dental implant and replacing a missing tooth. Once the bone mass is gone, it’s not reversible and that is why a bone graft may be needed.

The Periodontal disease can also cause the bone to disintegrate which can lead to tooth loss. The bacteria slowly eat away at the jawbone and periodontal ligament, which connects your teeth to the bone.

Dental trauma can be another reason you need bone grafting says the dentist near Carlsbad. When dental trauma is accompanied by persistent episodes of grinding and clenching, it can cause excessive wear on the tissue supporting tooth structure. Also, you can experience fracture or crack in teeth due to constant pressure which can’t be healed. Dental trauma includes a tooth getting knocked out from an accident or a fall where bone graft becomes necessary.

Bone loss can happen because of several reasons but the bone grafting surgery is the only solution. It not only helps in repairing but also in building new bone. When you visit a dentist for replacing your missing tooth with implants, the dentist will let you know if you need a bone graft surgery. In case you need one, he will explain the procedure and the need for the same.

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