Teeth whitening:5 things to know about getting a brighter smile

Getting the perfect set of teeth has been a goal for several people, both in and out of the show business. It is a clearly established fact that a brighter smile attracts more people to you, both in business and social situations. The question remains – how do you get that perfect white smile?

The answer is – by going for teeth whitening. Yes, no matter how hard you brush and floss and get your teeth cleaned, at some point in your life, the enamel on your teeth will lose its sheen. This way, your teeth will not remain as shiny as they once used to be. This is why we at Carlsbad Coastal Dental recommended you a teeth whitening process.

Why Did My Teeth Change Color?

One of the biggest things people want to understand is – why do the teeth even change their colours? The answer is more logical than you may have expected. Teeth are covered with an element called enamel. This is the very layer that protects your teeth on its outer side and gives it a glossy finish. As you use your teeth more often for chewing food, this layer gets exposed to more and more food items that brush against its shiny layer. In all normal circumstances, out of sheer wear and tear, the enamel loses its sheen.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening is largely dependent on what type of whitening process you undergo. If you are trying to answer the question, “What Are My Whitening Options?”, you can go through a simple cleaning session or go for bleaching or a more clinical whitening session. Simple cleaning would just mean that the dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth. For optimal results, it is recommended that you undergo the clinical whitening process.

Does Whitening Work on All Teeth?

Technically – yes. Teeth whitening works for all the teeth that are visible throughout your smile. If there are teeth in the corner of your mouth which are not necessarily visible when you smile, even they can be treated under a thorough whitening process.

Are There Any Side Effects from Teeth Whitening?

There are no major or considerable, clinically diagnosed side effects of teeth whitening.

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