Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Carlsbad, CA

Do you have a severely decayed, damaged or infected tooth? Think you may need a tooth extraction in Carlsbad, CA? At Carlsbad Coastal Dental, we are proud to offer simple, surgical and even wisdom tooth extractions. Although our ultimate goal is to protect and preserve your smile, situations do arise where a tooth extraction is the healthiest option for your overall oral health. Schedule tooth extractions in Carlsbad, CA today!

Simple Tooth Extractions Carlsbad

In the event that a patient’s tooth is fully visible, has erupted properly and is not severely decayed or damaged a simple tooth extraction may be recommended. During a simple tooth extraction, your tooth will be gently but thoroughly loosened and then removed. A local anesthetic is typically used to reduce any discomfort. For simple tooth extractions in Carlsbad, visit us today!

Surgical Tooth Extractions Carlsbad

In the event that the patient’s tooth is not visible, has not erupted properly or is severely damaged or decayed, a surgical tooth extraction will be required. During a surgical tooth extraction, an incision will need to be made to successfully extract the tooth. In certain situations, the tooth may also need to be broken into several pieces to be completely removed. Think you may need surgical tooth extractions in Carlsbad, CA? Let us know!

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Tired of living every day in pain due to your severely damaged, decayed or infected tooth? Schedule your Carlsbad tooth extraction consultation with us today!

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