How Do I Cure Bad Breath?

Are you suffering from Bad breath? Is it making your socially awkward? You are not the only one suffering from bad breath and it is a very common dental issue that affects as many as 80 million Americans. Bad breath is a dental issue which affects the lives of people who are suffering from it. However, people don’t need to compromise or ignore the problem and live that way as bad breath can be cured says dentist in CA 92008.

Here’s a Look at Some Tips:

  • Brush & Floss Daily

One of the first and easy steps towards reducing the bad breath is to brush and floss your teeth daily twice. Simple brushing and flossing can work wonders for your dental health. Brushing will help in removing the bacteria causing bad breath from teeth and flossing will remove them from the gum line. You can also use a tongue scrapper to get rid of bacteria which are hiding on your tongue.

  • Snack on Fruits & Veggies

It’s suggested that you should snack on a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for promoting your dental health. The fruits and vegetables are good for your overall health as well. Our family dentist in Vista, CA says that eating raw and crunchy fruits and veggies such as carrots, apples, and celery is helpful. They help in keeping bad breath away.

  • Drink Water

Water is beneficial for your overall health and your dental health is no exception to that. Water helps in producing saliva and keeping the bacteria away from your mouth. Sometimes, even after drinking water, the mouth feels dry. It can be a sign of dry mouth which is caused by medications, smoking, or breathing from mouth is nose is blocked due to cough and cold.

  • Quit Smoking

Dentist near Encinitas, California recommends quitting smoking. Smoking not only makes your mouth dry but also contributes to bad breath.

  • A Whole-Body Problem

Some other factors which can cause bad breath can be medical conditions such as Respiratory infections, gum diseases, kidney or liver disease, and Diabetes.

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