Here Are Some Tips From A Dentist On Keeping Your Tongue Healthy

While you have heard a lot about keeping your teeth clean but have you heard about keeping your tongue healthy and clean? Brushing and flossing are important to maintain your teeth but what about your tongue?

What You Should Know About Your Tongue

Most of the people believe that tongue is only a muscle but in reality it is a group of muscles joined with millions of taste buds and covered in the skin tissue known as mucosa. They all work together for making several bodily functions possible. The functions include:

  • The tongue not only helps in digesting but also lets you enjoy the food.
  • The tongue also helps you in speaking and allows you to create several sounds involved with human language.
  • Without the tongue you would have to cut the food in tiny portions and chew slowly in order to avoid clogging the windpipe.

Here’s a Look at Some Tongue Care Tips from Dentist:

One of the first things to do is to keep the tongue clean. You can keep it clean with the help of a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner which is easily available in drugstores.

Once you are done with brushing and tongue cleaning, you can rinse the mouth with a dental rinse by swishing the liquid in mouth for few seconds.

Signs of tongue related issues which need to be resolved:

  • White coating on the top of your tongue caused by built up of yeast in mouth.
  • A red sore and irritated tongue is a symptom of strep throat and any other infectious disease.
  • A nerve-related condition can lead to burning or prickly sensation inside the tongue.
  • Bluish or purple color on the tongue is a sign of circulatory issue which needs medical help.

The tongue is also an important part of our body which makes it imperative for you to give the required care it deserves. You will enjoy the benefits in long run provided you make little efforts and spend some time in taking care of the tongue.

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