Do Kids Need Dental Sealants?

It is important to take care of teeth on regular basis through daily brushing and flossing. Ideally, people are advised to do these things at least two times a day. However, brushing teeth also bears the risk of damaging the tooth enamel. If enamel is damaged, tooth will start decaying and eventually it will become fragmented easily, especially when you attempt chewing hard foods. In order to stop tooth decaying, dental sealants are used quite commonly. The job of sealant is to protect teeth enamel and that keeps the teeth stronger as well as shiny for a long time. For applying sealant, it is important to find professional dentist and that you can get at Carlsbad Coastal Dental.

Dental Sealant for Kids

At tender age, teeth remain fragile. At this stage, harmful chemical of toothpaste can cause maximum damages to teeth enamel. If teeth damage starts taking place at tender age, people will have to face a lot of issues at later stage of life. So, it is important to protect teeth damages right from childhood. To protect teeth enamel, dentists often suggest application of dental sealant on teeth of kids. According to studies from reliable sources, the application of dental sealants makes teeth of kids lesser vulnerable to decaying.

Process to Apply Dental Sealant

Carlsbad Coastal Dental follows the standardized and secured process of applying dental sealant. Here is the process at a glance.

  • At the first stage, cleaning is done and then let the teeth to become dry.
  • At the chewing surface of teeth, a solution is applied so that sealant can stick to the teeth properly.
  • After applying the solution, teeth is rinsed with water and then dried.
  • Now, sealant is ready to be applied on the teeth. Application of sealant will make teeth bond firm or sturdy. At initial stage, dentist would suggest regular checkup for your kids. It is important to keep sealant under observation at initial stage so that it can remain unharmed.
  • Carlsbad Coastal Dental is poised with certified and professional dentists who can deliver the best solution regarding applying the dental sealant for kids.

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